Episode 30

Chosen out of 16,000 - Once Upon a Gene Wins an Award and a Trip, and, and...With Effie Parks

Effie Parks hosts the Once Upon a gene podcast. Her son was born with a rare disease and it left her feeling completely isolated. She created the podcast to find other parents who are raising a kid with a rare disease. It's full of resources and personal stories from families who are navigating this unique lifestyle.

Because of Her Podcast

As Effie put it the phrase "Award-winning podcast" "is wild to say and even think this would be a thing when I started the show two years ago, out of desperation.

Wego health and Health Union have a yearly ceremony, where they honor digital advocates in the health industry. Your show first has to be nominated, then endorsed or voted on by the public for about a month.

And then you're taken to a finalist round and ultimately chosen by a panel of judges 15,000 Total nominations. And there's 16 winners.

When I watched the announcement ceremony online, I burst into tears. I didn't expect to win, obviously. But I also didn't expect to feel that much gratitude that the work I was doing was being recognized and making such an impact.

That's not all.

  • They flew us all of the winners in our categories to Boston
  • Gave us a $3,000 ticket to the world's largest health conference
  • Paid for three nights in a gorgeous hotel on the water
  • They interviewed us with fancy cameras and lights
  • Fed us lunch every day
  • Held a formal ceremony at the conference with a huge stage and big screens.

In the middle of the room at this massive event. I got to meet a woman who became a close personal friend to me online. Because we're both raising kids of rare disease. I got to meet her in person. I met other beautiful advocates and was just so honored to be in their presence.

The team itself who put on the event were there every step of the way. And they were so genuine and passionate. It was like a love fest. And I felt so incredibly lucky and special. I also made a lot of great connections that perhaps I will share later on because of my podcast segment.

Thanks for being such a champion for podcasters Dave and for always coming at it with a realness and heart. So, again, my name is Effie Parks host of the Once Upon a gene podcast. If you're a caregiver or you know someone raising a medically complex kid, please find me at onceuponagene.com

Dave's Thoughts

I met Effie on an episode of the Podcasters Roundtable. I don't know how to say it, but I just knew she was going to create something special. She had an underserved audience, and the courage to be vulnerable. She's made caregivers all over the world feel less alone and that is HUGE.

Find her at www.onceuponagene.com

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