Episode 2

My Network Has Grown and I Have More Resources

 Nick earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Union College and MBA from the University of Florida.  He obtained Lean/Six Sigma and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, and worked 14 years in the nuclear and phosphate industries, where he led teams as a capital project manager, responsible for multi-million-dollar projects. Nick leverages his leadership and technical background to provide a unique coaching experience for his clients.  He is best known as the atypical-engineer host of The "Make it Snappy" Productivity Show podcast (and all things "snappy," for that matter). His faith fuels his love for people, culture, language learning, and his passion for working productively and living deliberately.  He and his wife, Nazach have two small boys, Carter (6) and Ethan (4), and baby Nico (born in April)! Today Nick shares how his podcast has lead to him networking with people that have had him traveling all over the world, and growing his network, and increasing his resources. Check out his show at www.makeitsnappyshow.com and take back your life!

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