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My Podcast Made Everything Possible - Dana Gould

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I was reading an article where West Word was interviewing Dana Gould (Who I find hilarious) and they asked him he still does his podcast (the Dana Gould Hour) while now running/writing the show Stan Against Evil.

Here is what Dana said, "I cite the podcast as the things that literally made everything else possible. It keeps my name out there and connects my audience. I think the reason that I’m still allowed to work in clubs is because my podcast has nurtured and cultivated my fan base to the point that people show up. Because if people don’t show up, you don’t get hired.

And I think the podcast is very much responsible for that. The podcast averages about 100,000 downloads a month, and, you know, I think a lot of those people watched Stan Against Evil because I talked about it on the podcast. I think that’s why Stan started out with such good numbers. It’s like the nuclear rod that powers everything else." -

Full article Dana Gould Hour on iTunes Dana Gould Hour on Stitcher Dana has been making me laugh since 1992 https://youtu.be/b7N08PX27CE  

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