Episode 5

Rick Sizemore's Audio Business Card Leads to More Exposure

Your podcast will help you land guests, and those guests can then point people to your website. Your website then becomes an audio business card that can capture people's attention. This is what the VR Workforce Studio Podcast Does. Here is a note from Rick Sizemore on how he got a big guest, who then got his podcast in front of a big audience. We are all excited here in Virginia because the NRA is holding their fall conference here in Richmond. No not the gun NRA but the National Rehabilitation Association. We have been working with noted Rehabilitation Professional, Sam Rothrock, who is going to be at the conference talking about how social media and particularly podcasting is becoming a powerful tool in workforce development and disability employment. He asked us where he could get some data on podcasting so we were quick to point him to the School of Podcasting Episode 452 with all those wonderful stats and the show notes filled with all the data we podcasters low to talk about. So while this is going on we got a call from Scott Dunnell with the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification which happens to be the worlds largest organization certifying rehabilitation professionals and counselors. We were able to get Scott on the VR workforce studio podcast alongside our Big Inspiration Showcase with Brian Evans. Brian, an executive with Bank of America, tells the story of his near death motorcycle accident, his recovery and returning to work at the bank through assistive technology and voc rehab. This gave Scott the perfect opportunity to reflect on an inspiring rehab counseling story and to discuss CRCC's launch of their new e university. CRCC posted the episode on their website and its getting lots of downloads from their membership, many of whom will be at NRA along with CRCC. So because of our podcast, many of the attendees will have heard about the VR Workforce Studio Podcast from a major conference exhibitor who will be just across the hall from a presentation where clips from our podcast will be part of the discussion on how podcasting can help people with disabilities, professionals and employers who are concerned with disability employment and vocational rehabilitation. So through one episode we have become involved in a major conference with attendees before they arrive will be part of promoting a major exhibitors products and support on of the key presentations. Thanks for letting us share another Because of our Podcast Story.

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